pallet end table

pallet end table
pallet end table

This is made from poplar and oak pallets that I recycled. Got them at the local lumber yard. I used the slats for the top and shelf. then used the runners for the legs and trim. I used two pallets to get the lumber i needed.


Very nice. I love pallets. I’d like to do more with them but they’re just so much work to prepare. I have a bunch of short slats still that I want to make a few gifts with. I hope I can find the time.

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Pallets are time consuming to disassemble. I usually set one day aside just for that when I get ready to start a pallet project. However, the rewards are great when you succeed. I am in the process of getting a tool built to aid in the pallet disassembling. Once I find someone to built it, I will share some pictures.

Very nice craftsmanship. How did you make the pallet wood look so good? I assume the planer and joiner are key.


Thank you and as for as making the wood look so good, well I had nothing to do with that. All I did was plane, joint, sand and stain with natural stain. The rest is just the beautiful colors in the poplar pallet wood. Sometimes you just get lucky and find the red(or purple), green, and dark brown coloring.

Love the figure on the top boards. Very nice piece. Will be looking for more of your work.


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Great looking bench very nice build.

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