Nice grain box

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I always look forward to the moments when I plane into a piece of wood and find out what lies beneath the surface. Sculpt a little deeper and it even reveals more with the changing surface curves.

I can create a box that is fairly similar in design out of two different wood types and the results are as different as night and day. This is a box I completed this afternoon for my booth at the New Orleans Jazz Fest this weekend.

Cocobolo and finished with seven coats of lacquer. I still need to buff it out and I will do that tomorrow evening after the lacquer has a few more hours to thoroughly dry.

Greg the Cajun Box Sculptor

I like this one Greg. As it happens I was using a bit of cocobolo today myself, turned a handle for my burnisher. It is some pretty wood. Do you do anything special to prep it for glueing?
Good luck at the Jazz Fest.

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Hey Paul…thanks…looking forward to Jazz Fest. It has been a great show for us in the past.
If you haven’t used Cocobolo before you are going to really like it…a most beautiful wood.
I always wipe down the area to be glued with Acetone just before gluing. I use epoxy glue on it since it is an oily wood.

Greg the Cajun Box Sculptor

Another beautiful box Greg. I like the organic curves you are creating on your boxes!

-- Michal,

Beautiful work! Any chance you’re entering it in the Spring 2014 contest? Surely a contender!

Boy! I really like the random surfacing on this box. Makes you want to grab it and massage it in your hands!


another winner Greg.

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