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Founder / Instructor at The Canadian School of French Marquetry
Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada

I'm a retired wood boat builder. I spent most of my life self employed, owned a small shipyard for a while and retired in 2004 after selling a small ferry business that I started in 1990. When I sold it, it had twelve 20' ferries , nine of which I had built myself.
In my retirement I sail my 30' Nonsuch Catboat in the Canadian Gulf Islands and the American San Juans and play in my fully equipped woodworking shop.
I took up marquetry in 2010 and have built around fifteen chevalets (de marqueterie) Most of my woodworking now involves marquetry in some form but everything I make involves a challenge to accomplish something I haven't done before.
In 2015 I opened The Canadian School of French Marquetry teaching in my shop in Cowichan Bay, but as of fall 2019 have replaced the in shop classes with interactive video classes.


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Shop Marquetry Desk - Woodworking Project by shipwright

Shop Marquetry Desk

In these times we need something to smile about. This is another marquetry folly of mine in the...

Sandpipers for Sandpiper - Woodworking Project by shipwright

Sandpipers for Sandpiper

This is a little decoration for the galley table on my new to me sailboat “Sandpiper”. I looked...

Louvered Doors - Woodworking Project by shipwright

Louvered Doors

I haven’t posted anything in a while. It’s not that I haven’t been busy, just hasn’t been...

Two more chevalet kits shipped out - Woodworking Project by shipwright

Two more chevalet kits shipped out

I just shipped out two more plywood chevalets to Maryland and Texas. If this keeps up I’ll get...

Two marquetry boxes - Woodworking Project by shipwright

Two marquetry boxes

These two boxes make use of the second and third of my four Jean Francois Oeben inspired...

Swallows in my Rafters - Woodworking Project by shipwright

Swallows in my Rafters

Back a year ago when I was doing the marquetry for my Birds and Bees reversible box I...

Marqutery School #4: Home Classes a Success!

My first student has just finished his level one interactive video course and it was a big success. He received over three hours of video instruction and sent me ten videos of his work for critique. We communicated on messenger several times a...

Marqutery School #3: New Directions: Home Classes

It is time for a change at CSFM. I have decided to stop offering in shop classes and start offering the same (exact) classes via private interactive video. I am currently working through the level one class with a student in Texas who bought a...

Dyeing Veneer, an Update

I wrote an article in the January issue of our “Woodworking Monthly” about dyeing veneer for marquetry and in it I used a light aluminium oven tray as a dye container. Well …. to make a long story short …. don’t do that. It turns out that the...

The V8 Wedge Powered Workbench #8: Leg Vice Upgrade

I’ve been doing a bit of repetitive hand cutting (dovetails) in my leg vice (or vise if you prefer) lately and while I am very happy with it in general, I guess the one drawback has always been that you almost need another hand for the wedge...

I continue to be amazed by this piece every time I see it Paul, I swear that parchment will just blow off of the box top in the slightest breeze! Wow, just wow!

-- HorizontalMike

I have to agree. It’s an amazing piece.

-- JoeyG

Hi Paul, thanks for the “heads up” on this new site, will have to spend some time & check it out a bit more fully
Just about got my new shop up & running Paul, just finishing of under bench doors dust extract etc, don’t want any trouble from my better half with toooo much dust as this one is part of (trying to find a nice way of letting Sandra know it’s going to be all of) the double garage.
cheers mate
Pete attached to the house

-- lang may ya lum reek

Beautiful work Paul.

I like the comment on your post about fiberglass boats. My dad built both wooden and fiberglass boats. I loved our 40’ deadrise workboat. It was made in 1939. I told my dad to keep it, I would do the bottom painting. He didn’t listen to me. It’s gone. I liked it so much, I got a tattoo of the boat when I was 45.

-- David L. Whitehurst

Superb work Paul. Something to be really proud of.


-- Love to keep busy in retirement - http://www.getwoodworking.com/albums/member_album.asp?a=33974

You speak to me from the heart. My projects are new again and again and must be a challenge. I rarely build anything twice.

-- Uwe,Thüringen,Germany

Very interesting background! Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

-- Keith "Shin" Schindler

You have so many beautiful works, I like them all :)