Was discussing burglary with my neighbor, the retired sheriff of the county.    He said, 
"Do what you can but if they want it bad enough they will find a way to get it."      
Our one block street is mainly retired people,  We have one Military MP,  a retired U.S. Marshal, a retired FBI and several avid hunters.   Across the golf course is the retired Sheriff and an active duty Sheriff's Lt.   The golf course has night security that roams and not on a schedule.  Sheriff helped set that up.   
Hopefully this helps make our neighborhood a bit more of a challenge to would be thieves.   

  One of the easiest ways the bad guys enter a garage with an opener is to push the top of the door in slightly, insert a hook, even a wire coat hanger will work, hook the emergency cord and pull it through the slight opening.   Then simply pull the emergency cord to release the door from the opener and lift the garage door open.    Tried it myself on my garage doors, easy to do.   Works even if the opener is set to locked.  I then changed the emergency release cord.   Shorter does not reach the opening and no hookable handle.    Strengthened the top of the door so flex was no longer there.    Steel L channel bolted on,   Shop overhead door added sliding  bolt type locks.    Hopefully money spent that will never be used.   

The Sheriff also noted the more you are known for doing work the more targeted you become.