Yep, Madts. Had a friend who never hesitated loaning me a tool and even getting me started on a new job. As such, with certain exceptions, it was hard to say no on a lend.

My two angle grinders were variable speed ones. He didn’t know that, he just needed a grinder. so I went to Harbor Freight, bought one, pulled it out of the box and “loaned” it to him.

Keep in mind, he, frequently, worked atop buildings, such as the WAshington Attorney General’s Office, which is several stories. About the time he had to carry several loads down, the grass below was looking pretty soft to him, and a great cushion for small hand tools.

Yes, a bucket with two ropes (one to lower, one to tip and empty) would have solved the problem, but. . . .

Anyway, I don’t know if it held up, but I never asked for it back and he never got around to returning it. In the end, no damage to my Milwaukee or Makita.