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Two of my pieces were featured in the Woodcraft Magazine for General CNC

About my work
My name is Suzanne and I own and operate a small woodworking shop from home. I guess you could say that how I managed to start this little business was due to many events taking place in my life, perhaps some chance, and hard work.
My first goal was to offer a variety of items to the general public; locally and online. I must say that the competition is fierce, and there are many talented people out there. So thinking outside the box was the only way for me to make a name for myself, while hoping to find my niche along the way.
After a year of trying all types of things and making very expensive firewood, I finally found my niche; it’s all about creating projects for CNC routers and other types of carving machines. They all include patterns, instructions and photos from start to finish.
My projects are compatible with Artcam Express, Aspire, Carvewright and all software using STL format. If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, do not hesitate to comunicate with me via the Contact Page.