How to approach this? Shattered saw handle repair.


I bought my second miter box for some unknown reason several years ago. It was packed poorly and the carrier decided to shatter the handle, I was disgusted and placed it on "the shelf". Well now that I have made two saws (Woodwright School) I feel the need to do something. First step is to glue or epoxy this thing back together. If it works out I will call it a day and get to sharpening, if not I will trace and make a new handle. So my question is epoxy, CA, glue or ??? It is a Disston but I haven't dated it yet . Here are the two I made, lots of fun! Still need to make the nib. I have been away for awhile, not sure why but trying to reconnect. Will go back to the WoodWright school in a couple of weeks to make a panel raising plane. So sad, it will be the second to the last class they will host before closing.

id try epoxy myself. sad ! if not create a new handle.

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Looks like clean breaks, I'd go with pva if you want the original handle.
Or just a new handle to match the 2 you made, they look real nice BTW.
Hate to see stuff like that!

Epoxy would be good, but I'd drill some 19/32" holes and epoxy in some 1/4" threaded screw shaft to act as dowels at the big breaks. The threads really let the epoxy bite into the surfaces and the doweling help reinforce the joints.
With the epoxy you can get a bit sloppy with the alignment of the holes and such and still get a strong bond.

Also looks like making a new handle is well within your wheelhouse!
I ended up going the PVA route. There was no real way to clamp these parts and the second two after the first were held with hand pressure for five minutes. Can't refinish until I return from my panel raising class this weekend but it looks like it may hold, we'll see. Thanks for all the input!