What Is The Name Of This Type Of Lock?

What is the name of this style of lock?

Not a contest, I just need to find one.  I found some but the way they were displayed I didn't know if they were what I was looking for or not.  Thank You in advance.


Half mortise lock.


You should find what you are looking for at Horton.  Good luck.

Also try:   https://whitechapel-ltd.com/type/locks.html?product_list_limit=36
Thank you very much guys!


@Oldtool  Wow, both of those woodworking supply companies have a great selection of those type of locks.
But now that I know the exact search term I can shop for the best deal.  Thanks again!


Most of them are upwards of $25 but here is a cheap half mortise lock:

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day

Thanks Jim, no doubt that is the cheapest I've seen for a half mortise lock.  Polished steel though and I've been gathering brass fittings......but I'm going to keep that in mind and I appreciate you finding that!  Seems like everything gives me sticker shock...lol


If you don't mind what is probably cheaper quality, Amazon has some that are under $10.  

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Yes, thank you Lazyman, once I knew the correct search term, I managed to find one in brass in middling quality that will work.  Another first for me, never have seen what the mortise looks like.  Appreciate it.