Finally finished my "tool cabinet"

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Which is not much of a cabinet at all. I’ve been meaning to make one for a few months. Previously I just hand my hand tools all over makeshift shelves that the previous owners put in the garage.

I decided against a cabinet in favor of using the space between the studs to my advantage.

I hung a 2 foot x 4 foot sheet of plywood to store the measuring tools, saws, chisels, and other smallish stuff. The planes all sit between the studs and slightly under the plywood so they don’t fall to the floor.

I also moved most of my bar clamps to that area since it is directly behind my bench. The parallel clamps remain on the other side of the shop

Definitely not the most elegant solution, but efficient and easy to locate everything

That should certainly help with the frustation of finding your tools when needed .

That’s the first half done Joe. Now all you have to do is keep putting them away. :-)
I hope you are better at that than I am. The first half looks good though.

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Actually my motivation for this was a messy bench. I hate having to move a million things to make room for a different milling or joinery operation. Shelves just got cluttered with crap as I would simply move the contents of my bench in bulk to a random shelf. Now that everything has an easy place to be, I don’t have to do that anymore.

Next up is the power tool side of the shop. That is 10x worse.

Mom would tell us small kids that we could play with our toys whenever we wanted as long as we (1) didn’t break them, and (2) always put them back in the box when we were through. Thanks Mom!