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I’m glad to find this new forum, saw it on Shiela’s LJ blog. I’m a scroller, been doing it about 8 years. I have a very small area to work in – a spare bedroom for the saw and my garage. But I think I do alright. I’m from along the Mississippi river in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. I’ve been doing craft shows for about 6 years but this year I got into a booth at a huge craft mall in Wisconsin Dells. This is a huge tourist destination known for it’s waterparks (all year round) and many other things. So I’m just going to do this mall this year. I’ll start putting some of my things on here soon. Hope to learn a lot. This first one is one of the cuts that I sell a lot of

Thanks! RayF

Welcome and beautiful job. Would love to see more of your work in the creations section. I’m not a scroller but it’s an interesting thing to me. Hope to see more of your work

Ferdinand and Son Construction

Great work, Ray. I love reading the Psalms and that verse fits well in my home, with three guitar players, a couple playing piano, and various other instruments. The picture looks outstanding.

Edit: Just showed it to my wife, who said “Oh, I like that!”

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