Panel saw blade screams

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My saw blades by Leuco just scream while running.Leuco techs. told me years ago to spray foam around the blade in the throat.Ha,ha…not doing that.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a quieter blade?This saw blade is 12"-14" with 30mm.bore.


I. Have used Leuco blades for years and as soon as we had them sharpen they scream. Best thing for it is a stabler or good head phones.

Yep, headphones! I would like to try a different brand.One that claims it has quieter blades.


What is your Flange diameter?

I would say about 3" Dutchy.Saw cuts great, vitually no run out on the arbor.Blade height doesn’t make difference either.One day I am going to find the quiet blade.


The reason for the noise is vibration.

I have sold a lot of german made sawblades. And believe me height does matter. And also Upm. Leuco is, for so far I know, using good steel for their blades. But their are a lot of steel species. Every blade has tension. And by the production of a good saw blade they make the sawblade paralel. At youtube “”; (50 seconds and 350 seconds) you can see the tensioning. Mostly German blades need a bigger flange. I could not find it at the Leuco site but on the Leitz site “”; you can see that your 3" (75 mm) flange according the Leitz rules is to small. This is a along grain saw and I don,t know your type of blade.

Also after grinding the vibration can change.

Succes Steve.

Thanks Dutchy, very interesting, I will check into the possibility of a larger diameter saw blade flange for this saw This flange is pressed into the bore of the blade and rides on the arbor.Hopefully a larger diameter, if possible, flange does not reduce the saws depth of cut.


A bigger flange normally reduce the depth of cut. Saw machine makers always want a big cutting depth and that is why they make the flange as small as “possible”. Leuco and Leitz are industrial saw blades and a blade of 8" is made to saw a max of 2" wood.

Note: You can make a smail flange on your saw, but only when the sawblade is made for a little flange. In this case the blade is tensioned especially for this flange. A Festool saw and blade is a good example.

When you use a bigger flange always a chamber is needed!!!

I agree with the previous comments.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Sorry Dutchy, you completely lost me.
I am looking for a quieter blade for 10’ slideing table saw.The aluminum saw blade flange for my saw only comes in one size.The saw brand is a Pailoni.


Try a blade stabilizer
if you have a larger arbor look on Internet for a larger set.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"