Panel saw blade screams


My saw blades by Leuco just scream while running.Leuco techs. told me years ago to spray foam around the blade in the throat.Ha,ha…not doing that.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a quieter blade?This saw blade is 12"-14" with 30mm.bore.


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I. Have used Leuco blades for years and as soon as we had them sharpen they scream. Best thing for it is a stabler or good head phones.

Yep, headphones! I would like to try a different brand.One that claims it has quieter blades.


I would say about 3" Dutchy.Saw cuts great, vitually no run out on the arbor.Blade height doesn’t make difference either.One day I am going to find the quiet blade.


The reason for the noise is vibration.

I have sold a lot of german made sawblades. And believe me height does matter. And also Upm. Leuco is, for so far I know, using good steel for their blades. But their are a lot of steel species. Every blade has tension. And by the production of a good saw blade they make the sawblade paralel. At youtube “”; (50 seconds and 350 seconds) you can see the tensioning. Mostly German blades need a bigger flange. I could not find it at the Leuco site but on the Leitz site “”; you can see that your 3" (75 mm) flange according the Leitz rules is to small. This is a along grain saw and I don,t know your type of blade.

Also after grinding the vibration can change.

Succes Steve.

Thanks Dutchy, very interesting, I will check into the possibility of a larger diameter saw blade flange for this saw This flange is pressed into the bore of the blade and rides on the arbor.Hopefully a larger diameter, if possible, flange does not reduce the saws depth of cut.


A bigger flange normally reduce the depth of cut. Saw machine makers always want a big cutting depth and that is why they make the flange as small as “possible”. Leuco and Leitz are industrial saw blades and a blade of 8" is made to saw a max of 2" wood.

Note: You can make a smail flange on your saw, but only when the sawblade is made for a little flange. In this case the blade is tensioned especially for this flange. A Festool saw and blade is a good example.

When you use a bigger flange always a chamber is needed!!!

I agree with the previous comments.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Sorry Dutchy, you completely lost me.
I am looking for a quieter blade for 10’ slideing table saw.The aluminum saw blade flange for my saw only comes in one size.The saw brand is a Pailoni.


Try a blade stabilizer
if you have a larger arbor look on Internet for a larger set.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Thanks Jeff, but a blade stabilizer doesn’t fit over the blades stock bushing flanges.And it also puts it out of range of the scoreing blade and riveing blade adjustments.We tried these things first.


Oh sorry. Then im stumped

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

hi , we at work have a older blade that now screams. its fine to start with but then after a cut or two it developes a horid sound.
Speeking to the guy who collects our blunt tools to be professional re sharpend about this problem.

his response was it could be a few things.
1, a possable bent or dammaged tooth
2, if the fine expansion cuts within the blads are blockd with dirt/resin
3, any un used abour holes on the blade could cause the same horid noise.

Not sure if this is the case with your blade but thought i would share :)

Thanks Rob, I will check on this.I have two Leuco blades and they have srceamed ever since brand new.


Saw blades scream when their resonance matches the machine resonance. Change brand of blade.


Thanks sawmandrew! You might have my answer.