how to quickly dry stain

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I stained piece last night, still wet. It has been raining here, temp in about the 70’s, i let it sit in my laundry room last night with exhaust fan on, still wet. I let it sit in my office with the ceiling fan on, still wet. It is now in my guest restroom with a small space heater on. What are your thought, is there something else i should do. Still need to apply clear and i have to deliver in about 4 hours. HELP!!!

heat gun will help on low maybe high sometimes keep moving it around not in one place for long it will burn bubble keep moving it


is it old stain? i wonder what would happen if you were to add a alcohol to it and mix it up really well and applied it? would that decrease the dry time? anyone with thoughts on this pondering thought? i should do an experiment?

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

No it was new, i used a blow drier, it did not fully dry, still tacky but the lady had to take it.

Man that stinks that she had to take it like that. I don’t know what you’re agreement was but, if it was me I try and get it back and finish it. Sounds like it went out the foor not done.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Wash it with mineral spirits. Whatever is stained is already stained so you’re just taking the excess off. Then it should dry very quickly after that.

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I will try that next time Brian, hopefully i will have more time and will not have to resort to that, but who knows. Yeah Jeff it went out the door, and to another state. I wrapped it in wax paper, she will get back to me as to how it came out.