Sheathing storage

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I’ll admit I’m a packrat when it comes to leftover wood, I always end up using it somewhere. I get frustrated trying to store sheeting, as there are always full size down to small pieces. I just have them leaned up against the wall in my shop and it was starts cascading out on the bottom as I root through the stack. What are some creative ideas for storing these, yet keeping them easily accessible? Thanks!

I for one will watch this with interest. Great topic for which I have no good solutions.

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Obviously it depends a lot on your space, one way of doing it is this – if you have a wall longer than 16’, put the sheets on one side to allow you to pull them out. You can only do this safely if the sheets aren’t all going to come toppling over on top of you when you are sorting through them. To prevent this from happening, screw down a decent batten to the floor in front of the sheet area, attach a stop to the ceiling slightly further away from from the wall than the floor batten, and then cut a length of 2 × 4 so it’s a good fit between the pieces you’ve added to the floor and ceiling to act as a brace. You want this to be leaning slightly away from the wall – so you can pull the sheets at the front of the stack and lean them against the brace while you gain access to the sheet you want. Pull out the one you want and then push all the others back against the wall and remove brace. If you are doing this, make sure you have a good fixing at the floor and ceiling, a stack of sheets can be heavy. You only want the sheets to be leaning forward a small amount in order that they don’t put too much weight on your brace.

Hope that helps

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