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Apr 2014

Wolf (& Rabbit!)

I'm Wolf, or Alec if you're my Mum. I'm married to Rabbit. There is no me without she. She works with me on design issues most of the time. A Canadian living in Wales.

-- -- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

cabinet thing - Woodworking Project by Wolf (& Rabbit!)

cabinet thing

While I was away I built a few things. This is one.

Arts and crafts style clock - Woodworking Project by Wolf (& Rabbit!)

Arts and crafts style clock

I made this from a knob of cherry. It was difficult but it came out ok. It’s a Christmas gift for...

Barge pole rack - Woodworking Project by Wolf (& Rabbit!)

Barge pole rack

These were made for some friends that live on a narrowboat. It wasn’t terribly challenging except...

Frame for a mirror - Woodworking Project by Wolf (& Rabbit!)

Frame for a mirror

My neighbour was asked to make a frame for a client’s mirror. He subbed the job to me due to time...

Floating shelf under TV - Woodworking Project by Wolf (& Rabbit!)

Floating shelf under TV

Live edged elm shelf with mahogany supports and trim. There’s cable space behind. Elm is gorgeous...

Feral cat shelter - Woodworking Project by Wolf (& Rabbit!)

Feral cat shelter

There’s a new cat in the garden. We’ve looked for an owner, called the local vets, posted...

Some assembly required.

Building a flip up dinette table for a canal narrowboat. It has to be a coffee table, a dining table and a bed…wish me luck.

Reclaiming the past

Over the last few weeks some developers have demolished an abandoned school. I walk past it every Friday and for the last five I’ve come home with the biggest chunk I could carry. I’ve begun milling it into usable boards. The wood is pine and fir...

New bathroom

Well it’s been fun in the wolf and rabbit den. We’ve rebuilt our bathroom. It was originaly decorated in the ’90’s but in a perverse seventies way. We discussed, rabbit and I, the options and finaly decided on a sort of Cape Cod thing. I looked...

Plane Jack #1: Opening scene: Rescued from the back shelves.

I was able to convince Pete, who runs the workshop where I spend time refurbishing tools on Tuesdays, that I could find this little fella a good home in my workshop. I have no idea if it’s collectable or not, I just hate seeing tools heading for...

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