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Is there a way to see ONLY the new posts since my previous visit? I find it tedious to have to look at each topic and decide if there have been any new posts, then click on view all posts, then scroll to the bottom of the page, then click in view the next page, then scroll down to the latest addition to the thread. As an example, look at “My workbench build”. I noticed there was an addition 13 hours ago (more recent than my latest visit) so I click on the topic, scroll down past the original post and click on “view all”, then scroll down to the bottom of the page so I can click on " 2" or “next”, then scroll down again while watching for any potential new posts until I finally get to the only new post which happens to be a brief computer tutorial and is not of interest to me.

I am elderly and might not live long enough to go through this process many more times. :D

-- Art

Click on the FOLLOW DISCUSSION (to the right of the Comments heading) to see the new comments in the specific discussions as well as get the notifications.

Martin Sojka,

Is it possible to turn off the notifications and still only see new comments?

-- Art