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Apr 2014

Martin Sojka

Craftisian.com Founder
Slovakia, Europe

Enjoy your time on Craftisian.

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-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

Hand crafted lettering on new craft logos

It seems like it takes time to translate my vision into the website design. Plus I might be a perfectionist :) The advantage is that I am persistent until it feels right to me. What did I still miss? A touch of warmth, clear focus on the...

New finely crafted logo and design updates

New logo design has been inspired by the era of traditional crafts. It has a vintage yet modern feel to it and it sits boldly in the center of the header area. I even added two supporting texts to it: “CRAFTED WITH PASSION” and “AUTHENTIC...

Craftisian Is Opening The Doors

Craftisian is opening the doors to the crafts of many kinds. This sure is an ambitious step but I believe there should be a place online which multi-faceted as well as single-focused craftsmen may call home. Whatever the craft, the finished...

WoodworkingWeb Is Changing To Craftisian

This is a very special moment for me. It marks a new beginning, or may I say, a second chance. A second chance to truly commit myself to something that drives me deeply. A second chance to handle growth fearlessly. You can read more about...

Thanks Martin! :)

Welcome back Martin!

-- Dan Gagner, Craftsman on the lake. The lake is calm, the wife is understanding, the wood is dry. What more is there...

Congratulations on the new start-up Martin and good to “see” you again!!
Best of Luck to you on this latest venture!

-- Mike, in Concord, NH - A candle loses none of its flame by lighting another candle...

thanks a bunch martin, im looking forward to this.

-- "the grizz" [''''']

Looking forward to seeing this site boom! Congratulations on the new site.

Good luck on building another great community!

-- Involve your kids and grandkids. They'll love you for it!

Good to be at the start of this site…it will be a definite winner…!

-- Greg the Cajun Box Sculptor

Love the set up.

-- Anna

Thank you Martin! Glad to see you back.

I now have been on this site for a few weeks
I find it difficult to navigate and to use.
I had trouble posting replies and then I could not find what I just posted,.

-- Frenchy

Martin, this is a great site and environment. I like that it has lots of different ways to communicate with each other, yet still keep us connected to the site. I’m an enterprise Java web professional and I’m always thinking about software use. This is nice, effective, and easy to use.

-- David L. Whitehurst

Thanks for nice feedback, David.

-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com


-- "the grizz" [''''']

im sorry martin, please disregard my request…

-- "the grizz" [''''']

Thanks for the add Mr Martin