Heavy Duty lid Hinges and Stay

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Looking for help. I have created a coffee table w/ a gun cabinet. I have a coffee table top that is swung open to reveal the cabinet. Now the top weighs in at a hefty 40lbs and I need to get hinges and a stay to support that weight. The overall dimension of the top; 50″ × 21″ × 1″ thick. All hardwoods. I will share the outcome when finished but, I need to find nice but heavy duty hinges and stay for the top. For those with an inquisitive mind, yes it is all pallet wood except for the inside bottom which is 1/2" plywood. Thank you for any help you can give.



I have used these stays on a toy box lid and they worked great.
Your top is much heavier than what I used so read the calculator instructions on the page to determine what you need.
Good luck.


I think some of the torsion hinges at Rockler will support a lid like that. They will keep a lid open at any angle without the support rods.

Here are some options they make up to 60 inch pounds on this torsion hinges.http://www.rockler.com/lid-stay-torsion-hinge-lid-support-satin-nickel

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Can you use door hinges? They’re cheap and very heavy duty.

Also, I saw an interesting thing to assist raising a heavy trap door. I thought I saw it here but I just searched and couldn’t find it. Anyway this smart fellow used rear glass lift supports to assist opening the door. They’re cheap and they act as a stop as well.

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Thank you for your help. I will check all these out..


Sweet, i will be making a storage box soon, so this info is very useful to me also. Thanks!