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Need to make some face frames for an entertainment center, wondering what is a good inexpensive wood to use. It will be painted white, so don’t need anything pretty. Would a pine be strong enough and last?

Thanks for the input!

could use poplar or fir if you’re concerned about strength, both are pretty cheap.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

I agree with Rob’s suggestions and yes pine would work too. In most cases face frames don’t have to be that strong,unless you have a design that is usually dependant on the face frame for support.

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Thanks guys. I love this site!!

I have pine face frames in my shop cabinets. They see a lot of abuse from most of my spring clamps being fastened to them. They are holding up just fine though. I haven’t enjoyed using poplar for face frames. I just can’t stand the end grain of Poplar. It absorbs paint so much more than the edge and facegrain, that it’s hard to get a consistent look (at least in my experience). Might want to consider Beech. At least here in Jacksonville, FL, the price is comparable to Poplar, and its much harder.

Dang, David i wish i had read your post earlier. Oh well, im stuck now. I went to the mill and got a real good deal on some poplar.

I got all this for $20!!

3-12″×1″×5′ poplar and a red oak 13″×1″×3′+/- I finished up one of the face frames today, was pretty happy with the results.

Poplar will serve you well and it appears it didn’t cost much more than pine.
Looks good.

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That’s a great score and poplar is a good choice.

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