Some what new to woodworking

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Hello Everyone

I used to work in a shop in Calgary Alberta called Solid Stairs building spiral staircases, I was really young and didn’t fully appreciate the talent that surrounded me at the time. I recall bits and pieces of certain things and a few tricks.

How I wish I could go back in time and talk to all those guys again. We had about six guys from around the world working in that shop. which were all masters in their own field of woodworking.
Just wanted to give those guys a shout out.

So I’m in the process of building a little wood shop in my garage which sucks because winter is coming and its not insulated, oh well onwards and forwards. Ninety percent of my tools are cheap (MasterCraft) only because its what I could afford plus if I break anything which I know I will it cost me much. I hope to learn a lot from all the people on this website.

Two quick questions. I was watching a video ( on router tables and thought of two questions. One was sort of answered and I didn’t see the answer to the other question. First one was the instructor saying in the video to never use a mitre gauge but answered Marks question and said there is exceptions. The exception the instructor was referring to was a incra system. I don’t know what a incra system is but can you not use a mitre gauge at other times? second question was from Kris Hunt which was why use a bearing at all when using a mitre table? I didn’t see the answer to that, could someone please answer that question I’m very interested in knowing the reply

Thank you
Rob Passmore

Hi Rob,
For the weekend wood warrior Mastercraft and the like work great. I really only invest in certain items, ie table saw, measuring devices and the tools you know you will be using alot. As you get better or use them more. When something goes replace it with better.

As for your quersitons:

  1. There is always a time and a place for a miter gauge. It depends on the work your doing. I myself know quite a few guys that have set up their tables without a slot for it. I myself did, mainly because I knew that I needed it for some of my future plans. honestly the slot is so cheap why not put it in.
  1. Which bearing are you meaning? on the bit or on the router? like in #1 there is time when you can use both. I myself use bits with bearings probably 98% of the time.

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I just watched the video that you referenced. When he is speaking of the incra system he is talking about using the miter gauge AND the fence together at the same time. With the fence able to move in many directions is would not be advisable to use the miter gauge with it. That said, it is still a great to have them from certain kind of cuts as well as feather boards.

If you dont like what you can buy, build it.

Hi Oblivion

First of all thank you for your quick response and clairification.

Sorry I should have clairified myself better about the bearing. When you mount the router to the table and put in a router bit why not take the bearing off the router bit and just align the bit to the fence rather then use the bearing as an alignment point?

Thank you

Taking it off won’t do anything because the only time you’d wasn’t to take it off is to pass the wood directly overtop, but there is no blade where the bearing goes. The blade on the bit ends at the bearing. If you think you need to take it off, you probably need a different bit to achieve what you want to do.

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Gotcha some of my bits don’t have bearings so i don’t have to put any on but i don’t have to waste time taking any off ethier as long as I align up the fence properly.

Thank you