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Hey everyone,
Today’s project is restoring a very old Craftsman number 7 jointer plane to service. It has a corrugated sole. I’m given to understand that the corrugated sole was a thing that came and went before WWII. So I’m guessing the plane is at least that old. It’s not a Stanley Sweetheart or Bailey, so I don’t think the tote and knob would be Rosewood or anything fancy, but after I sanded them down and started applying a coat of Minwax clear wipe on poly, I’m getting a pretty amazing color out of them. Any guesses on wood species? Like I said, no stain applied here. Just a vigorous sanding and clear poly.

Looks great Jeff,many of the old plane totes and handles were made out of Rosewood.

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I have two little bits of rosewood in my shop…used to make fret boards, looks like this.

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I’m quite surprised. I wouldn’t think a Craftsman would have rosewood, but it seems it is so.
Thanks y’all

IMO, Rosewood for both knob and tote. I have turned a number of knobs, many of which are Rosewood.


Thanks for the reply. Craftsman was the house brand for Sears and Roebuck stores. Prior to about 1990 Craftsman products were very good quality, but often without fancy bells and whistles. I think this Craftsman plane probably came from Stanley, and was just branded as a Craftsman. The fancy brass adjuster knob and hardwate is missing, replaced by a plain steel knob and fittings. Now days Craftsman is a sad, low quality product, but back in the old days, they were solid, well build common man’s tools

I’m pretty sure the steel adjuster knob and hardware is original equipment.