Need help choosing log spliter

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HI guys

I need your help

which log spliter would you choose.

We are thinking this one – Boss Industrial EC5T20 or this one Earthquake w1200

I would opt for second one but partner thinks the first one is better. Be have a small woodworking shop but most of our business is preparing firewood

Any suggestions?


From our experience cutting/splitting about 20 face cord a year for personal use, we would suggest spending a little more and getting a splitter that would hold up longer than a small electric one.

For about $800 you can purchase from a big box store a 22-ton gasoline splitter with a 6.5 HP engine. We have used a similar splitter for the past five years and other than a manufacturing problem that was corrected in the first season, we’ve had good success with it.

Firewood businesses here use splitters that also cut the logs into 16" lengths at the same time. Of course, the $30,000 price tag of such equipment requires access to many acres of hardwoods and a large customer base.

Or you can save money and build muscles with this.

Without knowing more about your firewood business, that’s the best recommendation we can make.


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