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Hello fellow woodworkers. I don’t write on here often but I do read all that is posted. Here’s a topic that I have not seen much on and we will all be able to relate to it one day. A while ago I was given the contact info for Tony, the father of one of my wife’s friends. A life long woodworker that has recently had some health issues and must sell his family farm and entire woodshop and lumber hoard. Now we all have a lumber hoard, don’t we. He is near Regina, Sask. And I’m in Calgary Ab. I have bought his big bandsaw and will be making the trip out o get it after his farm sells. That could be weeks or months away. Here is a photo of his amazing shop and his contact info is on the pic.

If anyone is near Calgary and wants to get any items, I would be willing to share the travel to get them. Here are some more pics of some of the items. This is a very sad situation and it makes one think about what will happen to our shops and tools one day.

My Woodshop is my happy place?

That’s one amazing shop , It’s really too bad about his health problems.

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I certainly wish I were closer!


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