Tim-bor, antifreeze and water?


When I bought the cypress for the memorial bench, the company owner gave me a bag of Tim-bor, and a recipe. 1 pint Tim-bor, 1 pint antifreeze and 7 pints of water. Mix thoroughly and spray. He says it will help preserve the natural color longer since I wasn’t planning on finishing it, instead, choosing to let it gray naturally. Has anyone heard of this recipe before? Does it work? The guy was a bit out there, so I’m looking for some confirmation.

David Eskow

Sounds “out there” to me. Tim-bor is an insecticide. And what do you think glycol will do to the color? It’s green.

Losing fingers since 1969

Strange cocktail. I’m not sure that I’d want to work with antifreeze as a finish; it can cause kidney failure even at small amounts absorbed through the skin.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Thanks guys. I’m going to stick to a simple water sealer, and call it good. Maybe the reason the guy seemed so out there was from using this recipe! Thanks for the help!

I have a ‘lidded’ rubber trashcan that I keep small blocks of wood in. I have used Tim-bor (mixed w/H2O & sprayed) with success in removing beetles. After ~2yr I had just one beetle try to pop out of the wood. The rest is beetle free and now removed from the can. I now have two ~18in. diameter X ~12in. trunk pieces of Red Oak going through the process. The oak had been cut ~2yr ago and stored outside. I figure a full year should be good enough.

Who knows… powder-post beetles can be tough critters. Don’t know anything about the antifreeze thing…