Rev. George Hutson

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I am a new subscriber, but have been enjoying Woodworking web project videos for some time. I am fairly new to woodworking. However, I’m finding that I have some skills that are working well for me. In the past I was a welder fabricator, so some of the skills cross over. I am a retired manufacturing project manager. And currently I am a chaplain in an assisted living facility for senior citizens. I look forward to learning from this website.

Welcome to Woodworking Web! Looking forward to seeing your projects! I love seeing projects that combine woodworking and welding. So many possibilities!

Welcome aboard. David is right – these two skills can produce incredible art.

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Don’t be afraid to show off your skills. Welcome!

Welcome to the fun Reverend .

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Welcome! Woodworking and metal working are very complimentary and there are some great projects I’ve seen that combine the two. I look forward to your projects here.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario