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Hi folks! My name is Doug (although it says Ronnie). I am a noob to all this save for whittling when I was in boy scouts (yes, I got my eagle scout badge). Anyway, I’m looking for advice on chisel and carvers. I also want a rotary tool. I am under the impression that dremel is an ideal tool, but I want to know what people think of “the most realistic opinion” since I heard that dremel statement many years ago. I know that I am a beginner of all beginners! So if I say something stupid, chalk it up to a crazy vet and his cute noobness hahaha. Thanks in advance for the consideration of my query.

Ronnie D. Farmer

Hi Doug welcome to WWW
I’ve never felt like my Dremel was the useful, if it will fit in your budget I would get a Foredom flexible shaft power carver or one the lower cost copies.

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Thanks for the advice. Luckily, boy scouts and the army infantry requires knowledge of using and maintaining sharp tools. Knives, bayonets, entrenching tools. Although, sharpening chisels requires a lot more work than I expected. Thanks for the suggestions as well. I am practically running to my pc to look it up and learn more about them. If anything else Pops up in your mind, shoot it on over. I love to learn and am very excited

Ronnie D. Farmer

I like the Two Cherries German-made chisels and the Stubai Austria-made carving chisels.

I’ll chime in with Jim, wish I could afford a Foredom setup.

Will work wood for food.