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Mar 2017


Need pointers on tools

Hi folks! My name is Doug (although it says Ronnie). I am a noob to all this save for whittling when I was in boy scouts (yes, I got my eagle scout badge). Anyway, I’m looking for advice on chisel and carvers. I also want a rotary tool. I am under the impression that dremel is an ideal tool, but I want to know what people think of “the most realistic opinion” since I heard that dremel statement many years ago. I know that I am a beginner of all beginners! So if I say something stupid,...

Hi y'all! New Mexican wood working.

Hello all, my name is Doug. I’m looking for ideas, plans, andadvice. The only thing I’ve made is a pipe out of mesquite. After all the hard work just for a pipe, I fell in love with woodworking I’m working on acquiring tools now.