Fast Jig for Glueing and Drilling Dowels

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It’s just a jig . About a foot long …….made from a Poplar 1×2 .

I have installed a 45 degree chamfer bit in the router .
This bit has a chamfer measuring a full 1 inch depth of cut.
I used the max depth and routed the 1×2 poplar in two passes
The resulting piece now has the following dimension of,
1 1/2 x 1 x 3/4 x 3/4 .
I had a defect in the middle of the chamfer cut . Thankfully it was
towards the middle and I could cut it out, since it is a two piece

With the chamfers pointing Up and towards each other , glue the
two pieces together.

Remembering that the dowel and the jig have very minute deflections,
the more accuracy …..the better . This came out in acceptable tolerences .

*It fits well into a 3 inch vice for drilling on a drill press .

12 minutes later……As we say in the Bakery business ………..that’s a wrap .

  • note: You can set a square where the two sections
    join ( the seem ) and find and mark the center point
    of various size dowels .

I’ll take 4, please. Actually, I need to make a few of these for fishing lure jigs. I’ve been looking at a few jigs on the lure building site and there are many like this that will solve some unique problems for me. Some will have small dowels sticking up to hold the blanks in place.

My brother, the metal guy, made his from aluminum. It’s a handy dandy centering jig for drilling, as you used it.

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Glad to be of help . Good luck, and catch the big ones .