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Hello There,

Just an old woodworker looking for new ideas, plans, and just to see what others are building out there. I build wooden toys, spoons, and cutting board for sale but I have built almost everything from boats to furniture, bowls to log cabins, and guitars, banjos, and dulcimers. I hope to get lots of new ideas from this group and perhaps hone my skills a little more. I’ll be putting some of my creations on here from time to time and hopefully make some friends with folks of a like mind. Catch ya down the road. Dave

Welcome Dave, sure glad you joined us. You are in like company as to the OLD part, or me anyway. Looking forward to seeing and learning from your varied talents. That is a great list of builds. Again, welcome.


Thanks Jack, Call me Dave. I too look forward to seeing all the things others have built. My problem is I want to build everything. I guess i sorta have but there is always more. Thanks for the reply. Catch ya down the road!