Parks Super Glaze.

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Ok, so here is what im doing. Im building a all wooden ice chest, meaning the inside of the chest itself will be hardwood. Im trying to figure out a better way for me to seal the inside wood so its waterproof an durable. My first chest i used a Rustoleum Clear rubberized coating, turned out ok. 2nd ice chest i used 1/8 plexiglass and clear silicone to seal the corners up. So im on my 3rd ice chest and seen this Parks Super Glaze in home depot. So my question is, how durable is this stuff and is it actually waterproof? Would it withstand the temperature changes on the inside of the chest? Or should i stick to my plexiglass and silicone way of making it appear wood on the inside? Any thoughts or input is greatly appreciated.

I would spray it with clear Imron by Dupont. It’s super hard and I’d say it’s probably one of the best paints out there for putting up with weather, oxidation, chemicals, etc. It’s expensive and not easy to use, but for choice I might try it. My dad made a small dinghy for his boss just to put champagne and ice in. He painted the boat with Imron.

David L. Whitehurst