Miter saw station ideas

I’m looking at Pottz’ MSS, trying to figure out how to convert what I have into something like it.

This photo is the Sebastian garage wall:

It’s never going to be a garage but it’s kinda small for a shop.
The so-called bench is 7’ long, 25” deep.
The DW779 I have here has a big footprint and I don’t see how they would fit together.

Y’all have any ideas?
Don't know whether I read your request right G'G.

You don't show much of your shop to fully gauge the room.  For a small shop, you might be better off with a mobile mitre saw bench.

April Wilkerson built one a while back that seem practical... she uses a fair range of tools (all subsidised), however, most cuts should be relatively easy   

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

Hey LBD,

Sadly, I did show most of the space.
There’s a back wall:

And the garage opening:

I think you’re right—rolling stand.
Like pretty much everything else in it.

I have a 512 Sq. Ft. fully equipped shop at the farm. It’s almost 3-hours from here, so using my good shop requires planning and time.
yeah you dont have the space for what ive got. that one that april did should work quite well for you though.

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Well I have a Dewalt 12" 705 on the Dewalt stand.  I put the stand on a mobile "cart" Ply w wheels.  This way I can move it around.  I added the Fast Cap best fence with their stops.  Works well for me.