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Discussion on Dark_Lightning's rose carving regarding carving tools is the reason for this forum - what would be some "must-have" tools for someone wanting to try carving.  Realizing this is a WIDE area, knowing "what type of carving" is key.  I'm hopeful some of the carvers would be willing to post a picture of a project in this forum along with the type of tools used.  Then those of us with interest would have a better understanding of which tools to potentially purchase.  

Also, if anyone has good YouTube content to recommend for beginner carvers that would be great.  I found Mary May last night and seems to be a very helpful source.  

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This should be an interesting topic. I remember my Dad had a bunch of carving knifes for his decoy carving. Just don't remember the types or what each was used for. He also used a rotary tool with a flexible shaft to do the bulk of the work.

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Were you looking for something like this Barb? A Teal which was carved back in the mid 80's by my father.

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Thats great!
I think starting with something like D_L rose would be good rather than the full 3-D. 
Just showing what can be done. I would not try that one myself. Relief carving and maybe the Spirit Carvings

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Your dad was very talented.  
Thank you. I was surprised when I found a ledge of his carvings and where they went and what they sold for.

Just a few that I have

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Wow - those are all amazing.  Very neat to have those.
wow Eric you Dad was a master also them ducks are just beautifully realistic 😍😎 
i will be following along thanks Barb 👍


He had 100 of these casted from a craving of his.

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Thank you Barb and Tony. Just wish I had his carving skills.

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wow eric your dad was a master carver for sure. i would have sworn that teal was real !

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Here’s what I currently have in process.  Been at this one for over a year now😬
Here’s what I currently have in process.  Been at this one for over a year now😬
What tools do you use?
I have done Dremel carving.


What tools do you use?

I have a pretty sizeable assortment but in general, a 3/8” 60 degree V-tool, 1/4” 1/2”3/4” #9 sweeps, 1/4” 1/2” and 3/4” #3 sweeps and 1/4” and 1/2” #6 or 7 sweeps plus a couple of straight skews in the 3/8-3/4” range is sufficient to tackle most relief projects.  It’s convenient to have some intermediate sizes and sweeps but by no means necessary.  I have some pfeil, Ashley Iles, Two Cherries and Schaaf tools.  The Schaaf are a superb value for beginners and experienced carvers alike.  My favorites are Ashley Iles but Pfeil is also excellent and readily available in the states.
I highly recommend this book by Chris Pye for beginners.

Here is the kit he recommends to start out with:
Good info Kenny, thanks.

Thanks Pottz. His birds looked really for sure.

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I have that schaaf set. Its really a nice set for the money. I am definitely a total beginner and so far it has served me well. I would recommend to skip the extra charge for hand sharpening though. I wasn't terribly happy with the edges on most of them and ended up redoing most of them. That aside I have been 100% happy with them. They have great customer service as well

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