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How many Shop Smith users do we have around here.

I use a 1983 500 as a wall mounter drill press and a510 full setup for my drum sanding and lathe work.

I also have a third SS that stays on the shelf.

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I have a 73' Model 500, that my father purchased when I was a kid. Most of the use is either with the lathe or drilling, I really like the horizontal drilling setup with this machine. I have additional accessories for the lathe, along with a shaper and router attachments. I have replaced a few of the parts in the motor and it still runs like it did many years ago.

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I have a 510 that I use mainly as a lathe.  I had the head rebuild a few years ago and it runs great.  I use mine to power a homemade Sand Flee drum sander and many other utility uses.
BirdsEye, I like to see a photo of that drum sander. I have thought about one of those attached to the ShopSmith.

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I’ve heard so many people who really like the ShopSnith. It’s a really cool concept, especially in limited space. They’re still making them so they must have done something right! I’ve never used one, but they’re pretty fascinating to me!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Buying one new now will be big $$$ But be on the look out for a nice used one would work out just right, plus many will come with a ton a extra's you'll be glad you got.

I'm working on a 1953 Model 10ER that will be primarily for disc sander and lather work.  I have a speed changer for it but I'm dumb and broke a part so currently taking up HokieKen on his offer to fix my mistake.  Once the parts are back from Kenny I can throw on some belts and see how she performs.  
That is a nice machine. I get my replacement parts directly from the company. The customer service does a wonderful job and shipping has been great.

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One of my MKVs has been converted to the Jointech Saw Train with the router table.  This one is my ripping saw.There is a bandsaw mounted and is seldom removed. The second MKV is a shorty and used for the DP and as a power station for the Belt sander and the other bandsaw.  This one is also used for the dado sets, box joints, numerous jigs, and limited rips. I have a SCMS so a miter gauge is seldom used. My preferred miter gauge is one from Kreg tools. It's great for use when resawing at the BS.
I have a MarkV that I bought with my first paycheck in '82. I was living at an apartment and stored it in a friend's garage where it lived for almost a year. I told him he was free to use it but I think he wasn't comfortable with messing around with someone else's stuff. I no longer use the table saw feature - it is my only drill press, disc sander, or lathe.
That is a nice machine. I get my replacement parts directly from the company. The customer service does a wonderful job and shipping has been great.

Thank you.  Can you still get model 10 parts from the current Shop Smith company?  I was under the impression from the Shop Smith forums that only Model 500s could still get factory parts.  I was able to use a model 500 return spring in the model 10 which I bought from Shop Smith.
Not sure if they have those parts or not, If you have the manual with an exploded parts list, make contact with them giving them the part number. I had to order a new manual for my 500, and it has been very useful since. I was surprised that it also included some good tune-up information that I was unaware of. It seems like they have the manuals for model 10 now that I think about it. So they may have the required parts, or at least some that may be interchangeable.

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