A sheet good handling cart

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4×8 sheets of plywood are always a pain and dangerous for one man to handle.
Year ago I built this cart to handle these sheets to bring them and to saw then on my TS.
It has been working well ever since.
My hope is that my idea will help others.
I started with a lifting table from HF.

-- Frenchy

That is truly a great idea for those utilizing sheet goods on a frequent basis. I see you used a Harbor Freight Hydraulic Lift Table. Now THAT I could see purchasing in the near future, for sure.

QUESTION: Does the Hydraulic Lift Table actually “lift” high enough to be used as an infeed/outfeed table for your TS on its own (~34in)? Or does it require the added platform as you show, in order to reach the TS’s height?

-- HorizontalMike

I recently bought a sheet of 3/4" hardwood veneered “plywood”. I thought that I was really getting old because it kicked my butt to unload it, move it to the shop and set up on the workbench to begin breaking it down. Then I realized that it had two 1/4" plies that were MDF. No wonder the thing was so heavy. I felt better about my physical condition after the revelation. :)

-- -- Art

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