Compact Bluetooth Stereo #1: And so it begins

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After a long time away from the fun little projects I finally got to start one this past weekend. The idea is to have a small portable bluetooth stereo. I will spare you the technical specs but the stereo is on 6″×8″×14″ and gets plenty loud.

The outer shell is MDF and the front face and port sides are 1" thick Poplar. The outer shell will be finished in a white glossy epoxy enamel and the face will be stained and sealed with a satin poly.

Edit I should mention that the speaker openings have a 1/2" round over on them as well as a 1/2" rabbit behind to get the speakers more forward and flush with where the round over begins. The speakers also needed 3 extra reliefs in the back for the mounting tabs which I did with a dremel. As well the tweeters are bored 5/8" deep and have 3 holes drilled all the way through for wires and mounting hardware. The ports sides are the same poplar and mitered corners with a 1" round over i the front and a 1/2" round over on the back for airflow.

This is as far as I get over the weekend after a few hours.

-- If you dont like what you can buy, build it.

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