Mobile Clamp Storage

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Here is my entry to the 360wwclampstorage contest. I started to build Stumpy Nubs’ plan, but decided that it did not hold enough clamps, and I need it to be a mobile cart, as I have zero wall space. I made some substantial changes to Stumpy’s plan, including making it two sided on a cart, and the “wings” are wider to handle more clamps on each tier. I included a box at the bottom for smaller clamps. The total number of hanging clamps is 67.

Here are some Sketchup screen captures:

And some photos of the completed project (sans paint – I just completed it today):

I hope this gives you guys (& gals) some inspiration. Except for the cabinet clamps and screws, this project used all reclaimed / scrap materials, so the cost was minimal.

-- I measured it twice, cut it twice, and it is still too short!

Well Mr. McKirdy, your design is amazing and my all time favorite. If I had room for a clamp cart in my small shop I would surely choose this one. I do favor the cart concept over wall mounts as it is so convenient to bring the cart to the job vs running back and forth with armloads of clamps. Something I am forced to do in my shop. I also love the innovative wedges you used to help support the hinged frames when closed. Very well thought out.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

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