large torsion worktable #1: Idea and progress so far

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After moving into our new house near a year ago it’s finally time to build a real work bench. It will be 96" long, 27" deep and around 40-42" tall. It will be on casters to move it around and house my table saw w/ 52" Fence, router lift, vacuum and air compressor.

It will have one drop leaf for longer sheets of wood and an Oscar cut into it. Plus a few more things. Made out of 3/4" plywood and 2×4.

The base and the 2 other surfaces will be torsion box construction (half lapped, glued and nailed).

I will be posting progress as it goes. This was just from this weekend and a few hours of work.

Update July 29-15
Got the frames for the 3 other torsion boxes built and wedged into place to see what I think. The table may be a bit tall. So tomorrow the casters will go on to really get a sense.

Update aug 1-15
Second torsion box (under the table saw is complete as well as the small top box to the side of the table saw.

Update Aug 2-15
Second torsion box top is on and all secure. Small side box is complete. Casters are on and level and the base reclaimed drawers are in.

Update aug 8-15
Got the torsion box for the top complete as well as the box to enclose the router lift

-- If you dont like what you can buy, build it.

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