Speaker Enclosures #4: Front mitered and more bracing

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So had a few minutes to get some more small things accomplished. 2 more braces and 45ed the top edge of the front panel.

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Hey oblivion I just finished some horns not to long ago, they are on my page, take a look. It’s great to see someone else building speakers.

They need to be left in, before the wood is bent I brush glue into the cuts so that when the wood is bent they come together and form a pretty solid piece. Since this need to stay pretty ridged pulling the cuts out is a bad idea.

Also like you illuded too, the cuts also keep the front of be panel spaced out properly.

-- If you dont like what you can buy, build it.

It’s coming along. I forgot to ask before, do the remaining pieces between the kerf cuts serve any purpose? Do they space the curve or something? Could you just tear all those small bits out?

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