large torsion worktable #4: Finally a new fence

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Well I have been waiting for months and finally pulled the trigger on a new fence for my table saw/bench last week. Just picked it up this morning.

52" cut and biesemeyer style fence. Going to be awesome

and now its on!

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One thing I did with my saw table was add outlets to it. I bought a 12 awg extension cord from harbour freight and rewired my saw with it. I have 2 duplex outlets in one box screwed to the side of the base. One of the outlets is wired direct (always on) and the other is wired to the saw switch. I have my shop vac connected to the switched one so it comes on when I start the saw. It’s a big load when both start together but I haven’t had too many issues with it. It never trips the breaker but it does wreck the switch over time. I just replaced it last week. Contacts were burned out. Amway, I also use it for other tools, like planer or band saw. I just unplug the table saw motor before using those, or when using the vac by itself.

Another thing I want to do is change or modify the left side (small) extension wing so chips and dust can pass through it. I recently bought a lathe and that’s where it has settled in my shop. If I cut big holes in the extension or maybe find one of those open craftsman style cast iron ones, I would make a small catch basin underneath that the vacuum could attach to. Would also serve double duty as a sanding table.

Anyway, a couple of things to mull over. ;-)

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For me I wouldn’t change it. I enjoy having everything together in one table. And I can use the fence on both the table saw and router. The only change I would make is the drop extension on the right I would make for just my mitre saw to again make use of the fence as a stop for boards to be cut.

Also I have added dust collection in he table as well. A small 3/4 hp collector is now in the air compressors location underneath and has a gate for each tool. The air compressor in now mounted to the wall beside the table

-- If you dont like what you can buy, build it.

Oblivion, now that you’ve been using this set up for a while, how do you feel about having the tablesaw as part of your work bench? If you had to redo it would you keep in there or leave it on its own? I am wanting to build me a new workbench and am going back and forth on putting my tablesaw in it. The setup i currently have has my miter saw in it, and that is going away, not very practical.

I love my 52" biesemeyer. As a bonus, the table is so big that it serves double duty for other things. I keep a roll of rosyn paper next to the table, hung on the wall by a piece of dowel on some chain. When I want to use the table for gluing or whatever messy thing, I just roll out some paper and tape it down with blue tape. Very handy.

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