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On a recent business trip to Sarasota, FL I bought a rusty hand plane that I found on CL. The markings indicate it is a Bailey No. 4 Type 15. If anyone can confirm my identification, I would appreciate it. Here are some pics of the entire plane: Other
I’m using the electrolysis process for most of the cleaning. I chose this method because I already had everything I needed from other non-woodworking projects. Everything is coming out pretty well. I used Brasso on the brass (of course). There were tw
Here are a couple of example projects I did using this process and jig . A little update on steam bending . I started using fabric softener added to the water and it made quite a difference in how pliable the wood gets . Here is the jig I built to for
After one week of our Magazine Giveaway it’s time to pick one winner randomly from all of our members that posted at least one creation. The Winner is: Spivey Congrats. I will contact you via private message. Check out Spivey’s creation: Thank you all
I’m planning to build a dining table in walnut. I found a really fancy one at some store in Soho. Very ritzy place. Here is a picture of the table. I got very excited when I saw this beautiful thing. I have no idea how to build it but I’m not afraid o
We tried hard to make it dead simple to follow the members that inspire you as well as to follow the discussions that you want to participate in. I’m sure you will appreciate this even more as our community grows. Follow buttons are alway handy. You c
Woodworkers are a wonderful group of people – willing to offer support, tips, and tutorials (as well as the inspiration that comes with sharing woodworking creations). Whether you are a Master Craftsman or a “newbie”, grab that camera and document the
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Today, I did good. I found a Millers-Falls Brace almost brand-new and a little hand-crank drill. I also found three tiny carving tools from E.C. Muller in Nevada. My final treasure finds were a 9" Starrett machinist’s scale and a Goodell Pratt 6" scal
Collets or collet chucks are an excellent way to hold small pieces and with good tools the work can be removed from the collet and reinstalled with little loss of concentricity. The split wire chuck was developed by US watch manufactures in the mid-19
This is a short video the Historic Arkansas Museum had done about our work. http://vimeo.com/87377375
I needed something that would hold the saws in place in the flip-top and be easy to remove. I also am doing everything I can not to use screws or nails. I will use screws for the side handles and hinges but that’s it. The hangers are basically a pin o