Hello Everyone!

My name is Andulino and I'm from Hungary.
I have been making marquetry for 15 years. This is my main profile.
This can be portraits, landscapes or fantasy images. You can be sure, I'll do it in marquetry.
I love my job and i couldn't anything else to do.

If I did catch your interest, looking around in my gallery.

If you want to order custom image, just write me a message and we will discuss the details.

Thank you for your attention!
Have a nice day! :)

Your stuff is so awesome! You are very talented! I wish I could learn how to do marquetry. It looks fun!

Yes, I'm the weird girl who does pyrography...:) Don't forget to check out my Etsy shop at www.charleeabelles.etsy.com !

I’m so glad you like my work and I can give inspiration to you! :) The marquetry isn’t difficult, just you need many patience! :D I have been making for 13 years and I still enjoy and fun :) Thanks again your kind words :)
Have a nice day!