This is FANTASTIC!! I love the depth you’ve achieved, and the movement of the interwoven shapes is just delightful! What’s the size of the piece?

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Thank you CindyG, I’m glad you like it :) I’ve already made two size. 38×27 cm (~15×11 inches) and 92×60 cm (~36×24 inches)

I love this piece it’s a unique and wonderful work of art, fantastic workmanship.

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The size is deceiving in the first picture. This is fantastic!

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Thanks tinnman65, Yeah, it is just an illustration I can make this size too. But the 92×60 cm (~36×24 inches) size is approaching it :D

the planning that had to go into this … wow

just amazing and it definitely honours the wood

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Beautifully done!  Really eye catching.  I really like how it works in the room.
thats just a work of wood art,i love it !

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That looks amazing. Great job!

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