A self-taught woodworker and grandmother of nine, Barb is retired from owning a bookstore for twenty years, then retired from managing a local branch of a tour bus company, and is now an elderly care giver for family in need. The siren call of the workshop is always within reach!

-- Might As Well Dance : http://barbsid.blogspot.com/

Shop Upgrades #3: Hand tools rack

BarbS — This is my basic hand tool collection, with others scattered around the garage/shop. Most-used tools are within arms reach of the bench, and it is compact enough to keep things sane!

Shop Upgrades #2: The Workshop

BarbS — I worked all last year to get everything moved around in my workshop, for efficiency’s sake and to add in a new cabinet later when it’s built. I’m primarily a turner, so one half of my double garage is centered around that endeavor. Here it is...

Shop Upgrades #1: Mini Lathe Stand

BarbS — I had purchased a mini-lathe bed extension over a year ago, with the best of intentions to build an originally designed, all wood stand beneath it with storage. I had it fully scale-drawn on paper, but but but, getting it done was another thing...