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I build fine early stringed instruments such as harpsichords, clavichords, virginals, and spinets and violas da gamba.

-- Darin R. Molnar

10 Bench Dogs for Under $20 - Woodworking Project by Darin

10 Bench Dogs for Under $20

Rather than purchase bench dogs for $10 each + shipping, I went ahead and found some...

Impromptu Napkin Holder - Woodworking Project by Darin

Impromptu Napkin Holder

After months of nagging, I mean encouragement, from my wife and viewing a couple of images on the...

Roubo-style Workbench - Woodworking Project by Darin

Roubo-style Workbench

I finished up my Roubo-style workbench based on Christopher Schwarz plans this month. I build...

Molnar Opus1 Harpsichord Project - Woodworking Project by Darin

Molnar Opus1 Harpsichord Project

I’m building a Flemish-style harpsichord from scratch using Ernest Miller’s Harpsichord Project...

My Little Harpsichord Project - Woodworking Project by Darin

My Little Harpsichord Project

I’m building this instrument from scratch, only purchasing parts when necessary (pins, felts,...

Welcome to Tortuga Early Instruments Worldwide Headquarters!

My shop is my sacred space. When I cross the threshold into its confines, something changes within me. I move from a work-a-day wage slave to a creator. When I transform wood, it transforms me. Because I have to maintain a day job, I move at a...