My Little Harpsichord Project

My Little Harpsichord Project

I’m building this instrument from scratch, only purchasing parts when necessary (pins, felts, plectra, etc.).

Building a harpsichord is a lot like building a guitar, which is how I started. Now, all of my free time is devoted to this little beauty.

I maintain a Facebook page on my progress, as well as a blog at


Darin R. Molnar


Wow, this should take you lot of time!

-- Michal,

hat’s off to you!!!

I hope you share your blog here as well …. I look forward to watching the progress and that day when we get to here it sing.

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This looks like a very interesting and unique kind of project Darin. It would be nice if you did a blog on it so we could see it progress.

Mike, an American living in Norway

LITTLE? wow that’s going to be fantastic.

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