Ex-National Park Service Ranger
Ex-Middle School Science Teacher
Ex-Middle and High School Principal
Ex-Hangglider Pilot (best Flt. 14,000ft high w/O2 and 50mi.)
Current Biker (+27 years ass in the seat, NOT just from age I started))
Current Astronomer/Astro-Imager at Horizontal Heavens Observatory
*Discovered Howell-Crisp 1 Planetary Nebula
Current Amateur Woodworker
100% Disabled American Veteran

-- HorizontalMike

Gun Cleaning Box Finish Completed wWith BLO

HorizontalMike — I am about to finish a small gun cleaning box project (Granadillo and Soft...

Compatible Woods in Small Boxes

HorizontalMike — Picked up a couple of 1/4" sheets of Ganadillo (janka=2450) at WC this past...

Box-Joint Jig

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