Mike, I guess I didn’t clarify it when I said I originally planned 40 identical drawers. Don’t give me credit for so many . . . there are only 33. LOL Now I have 7 of those label holder pulls left for another project!

lanwater, the rustic oak does have some pretty characteristics . . . just not what most people would want for quality furniture.

Brian, I’m not so sure about getting it perfect, but at least I finally got it done!

Debbie, we’ll be waiting to see your kitchen cabinet . . . sooner than 25 years from now, we hope!

Monty, the dovetails are not done by hand. I used a dovetail jig and router with dovetail bit. Because I’m such a cheapskate (about a $40 dovetail jig), I did have my problems with setups but came up with a few more jigs and solutions of my own to make that easier. I’m a disaster with hand tools so I only dream of hand-cut dovetails.

Bently, if I have a swelled head, it shouldn’t be from pride in finishing the cabinet but from all that head-banging to get it to work. You’re right, I had to measure every drawer for the dado (groove—I’m told that’s the correct term for lengthwise grain) to fit the runner properly and not have the drawer cockeyed! And then some of my tolerances were a bit too close after it was varnished and I had to do more adjustments. I’m hoping that there won’t be too much wood movement with the poplar and that it won’t require more adjustments later on. I can only dream of moving up a few million notches to your level on the craftsmanship scale!


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