re: Legs Cleanup

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Thanks Martin. That moment was a huge relief :)

Monty: I hesitated for a few day before going to the jointer. When I did I set both in-feed and out-feed fences coplanar (no cut took place)and run few times. I then set the in-feed bed to 1/32 just to get a feel, then 1/16 and when I felt confident I could push the arches through without too much pain I set is for 3/16 until I got close to the final size then decrease it again so I don’t get tear out.
The table saw was my first choice but I only have to rollers and my attached out-feed table is not adequate for that king of weight so I discounted it.
Splitting the 8’ piece and staggering the laminate is a great idea. Where were you when I need help LOL. I need to try that to see what effect it has on the bending. This is all new to me at least in this kind of size.
*Please comment away. That is the kind of comment I am looking for. This kind of input helps me improve and that is what I am after. “nice work” is good but your comment is much more valuable to me. Thanks!
Bently! Thanks for your help. You gave me a lot of great tips. My next project after I clear the deck will be adjustable occasional table with height adjustment. I need those. The ply I used to prop up the height kept moving.

Huff, David: Thanks! I think this was the most interesting part. It made me sweat and got me scared. The rest is just a breadboard table top. Hopefully I can pull that the weekend.

Brian: Thanks!
That thought crossed my mind but I abstained since I don’t have a flat face to run it against the fence.
I saw one of my favorite furniture builder build a sled and set the piece it perpendicular to the table. That made the face parallel to the blade and run it the way you describe it. I chickened out :)
I also thought about the jigsaw but I though It will be the same issue, I don’t have a flat reference.
I am sure my inexperience held me back quite a bit .

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA