re: Hammer Veneering

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Just to reinforce your argument Paul, it is as easy as it looks. Of course my experience thus far is limited to very small pieces, but I feel confident that it won’t be much more difficult for larger pieces like you are working with in the video. Doing very large pieces might be a little more iffy, but It just takes diligence and keeping at it long enough to squeeze out excess glue/air to create a good vacuum between the substrate and the veneer. I can see that with large surface pieces the glue could cool too quickly causing problems, but it is my understanding that with a clothes iron and some damp cloth between it and the veneer the glue can be reheated so the work can continue. I’m looking forward to trying some larger panels to see if I do them as good a I think I can. Low in skills high in confidence!

Mike, an American living in Norway