I think it turned out well David.
It’s good you see the few problems that got in the way and it looks like you have already learn from those mistakes.
That what I call experience.
Installing a whole kitchen on one weekend would have been very difficult for many. from the sound of it you were alone.

When I build my bookcase, I leveled the base and started adding the bookcase sections. Once I put the top section I noticed I am pulling away from the walls. I put a plumb line and realized that the wall was not perpendicular to the floor. Then I went around in the house and none of the wall was perpendicular to the floor. The biggest shock was that the distance from floor to ceiling in corners were all different and so on. It’s needless to say that the moldings were off because I did not account for that.
Since I am not a builder I never realize that and was kind of surprised.
Now whenever I hang a picture frame for my wife and it’s a little crooked, I tell my wife “it’s the walls” :)

Good one Rennners.
I have a smaller version to measure distance between corners. It helps me square stuff.
Now I need to build a bigger one :)

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA