Thanks for posting this presentation of the Golden ratio scale. I have made these scales and used them and the Golden Ratio many times. Though Leonardo may have made this commonly known to man he is not the creator or the first to use it.  It is the work of a Holy God the creator of the Earth and all there is in it. You see this ratio all through Nature I have enclosed a link to just a few of the proven examples below. You can find many other such evidences all around if you will take notice of the Creation.

-- Soli Deo gloria!

Nice blog and a handy tool. 


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Thanks for the fine words.

As an Architect student, I spend a lot of time, to study if there were some kind of rule and the more I looked the more I became aware, that we see what we want to see. Why people also can see the golden ratio, in almost any thing, if we just split it down enough, but most of the time, it is all about finding what we want, not what we actually see. 
It's like we see yellow cars all over, as soon as we buy one.

Watch this video, he explains why nature and 𝜋 goes hand in hand.
The Golden Ratio: Is It Myth or Math? - YouTube
The golden ratio cannot be applied precisely because it is an irrational number.
Myth-busting the Golden Ratio - University of Edinburgh Science Media (eusci.org.uk)
Somehow that says it all.

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